Cancellation and Refunds

3.1 Cancellation of the Booking by you at any time will result in the Deposit being forfeited. 

3.2 The Remaining Fee is non-refundable if you cancel the Booking within 30 days of the commencement of the Booking Dates. 

3.3 Where you cancel a Booking more than 30 days in advance of the commencement of the Booking Dates and have already paid the Booking Fee, the Company will refund to you such sum which is equivalent to the Remaining Fee. 

3.4 If the Campervan becomes unavailable for the Booking due to mechanical failure, the Company will use its reasonable endeavours to source a suitable alternative vehicle. Where no alternative vehicle can be found, the Booking will be cancelled and we will issue a full refund of the Booking Fee. 

3.5 If the Campervan suffers a mechanical failure during the Booking which: 

3.5.1 cannot be resolved under the Company’s breakdown cover in accordance with clause 6; and 

3.5.2 means that you are unable to use the Campervan for the full Booking Dates we shall refund you an apportioned sum of the Booking Fee which will represent those days of the Booking Dates on which you have been unable to use the Campervan. 

3.6 Without limiting our respective other rights or remedies, we or the Company may terminate the Booking with immediate effect if you or any of your party breaches any of these conditions.